Medina Powder Coating Corporation, Powder Coating in Ohio

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  • Your home for Dual Coatings!
  • Fully enclosed & filtered Spray Booth
  • Parts up to 20’ in Length!

With our sister company, Medina Plating Corporation, we have over 50 years of coating experience and can offer the most advanced protection in the rust prevention industry!

ISO/TS16949 certified

The Medina Powder Coating Difference!

Most powder companies utilize iron phosphate spray wash for the undercoat of powder adhesion. The phosphate offers no rust protection should your powder become chipped or cracked. With Medina Powder Coating’s dual coating system, you get over 2,000 hours (Zn Ni) of salt spray protection without the powder, and over 3,000 hours with our dual coating!

Medina Powder Coating Corporation has over 50 years of coating experience with the automotive, industrial, and consumer industries. We provide service within a 100 mile radius of Medina, Ohio to the Greater Cleveland Area.

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Capabilities & Process

Today’s customers demand and expect the highest quality for their products. Medina Powder Coating follows the same philosophy as its sister company, Medina Plating, which is: Quality First.

We offer a number of different coatings that meet more strenuous coating requirements. You will find several combinations of coatings listed below that will outperform any powder coater that is utilizing iron phoshating or spray on undercoats.

Dual Coatings:

Parts are fully submerged in our tanks that are 11’ long x 3’ wide x 4’ deep. We pretreat all parts first by running them through a heated cleaner to remove any oil/grease, then they are placed into an acid bath to remove any existing rust.

The parts then are moved to

  • Zinc Plating & Powdercoat (steel only)
  • Zinc Iron Plating & Powdercoat (steel only)
  • Zinc Nickel Plating & Powdercoat (steel only)

Or we can media blast your parts, then pretreat the steel, then powder coat.